Entering Prospect/Lead into CRM

Dynamics 365 is the CRM host for Newman Outdoor Advertising.  

There are (3) three parts to our CRM that we primarily utilize; Leads, Opportunities, and Accounts. 

The process must start by creating the “Lead”.  You will need to create a lead for each division in which the client needs a contract.

  • Posters are division “06”
  • Bulletins are division “02”
  • Digital is Division “11”.  

Note: You cannot sell a poster or digital program under a bulletin account, or vise-versa.

Newman Outdoor - CRM Categories by Definition

An off-premise sign is a sign displaying advertising copy that pertains to a business, person, organization, activity, event, place, service or product not principally located or primarily manufactured or sold on the premises on which the sign is located.  An out-of-home (OOH) display or billboard is an off-premise sign.


Qualified leads should be entered in CRM and must contain the following requirements:

  • Business Name
  • Real Contact Name
  • Real Email Address
  • Real Phone Number
  • Dialog in the “Notes” section of the Lead.   Ex.  “Met with Tom Jones and emailed a media kit and set up a follow up task in my calendar”


When a lead is qualified and a contract is needed.  Click on “Start Contract” on the top header of the lead in CRM.   This process will assign an account number to the lead and convert the lead to an account.    You will be emailed an account number typically within a few minutes.  If it has been longer than 15-minutes and you still do not have an account number generated, contact your supervisor.

Once you have an account, each time you generate a contract for the account you need to create an opportunity for the contract to do this.


The account for a client is created when the lead is converted to an opportunity.  The account will have an account number that will sync with GP and is what the GP account is created from.  You must not edit an account once it has been created.   If a contact or address changes, please contact Chris Rathjen to edit the account.   Often the billing email is different than your contact email that is in the account.  Email Aimee Williamson with the invoicing email address for the account.

Newman Outdoor - Creating a New Lead in CRM

Click on the “New” option to create a new Lead.

Make sure to fill out all required information.  This required information will have a red asterisk.
*Accuracy is important when choosing an Industry. *