About Newman Fence Division

The Fence Division of Newman Signs, Inc constructs Commercial, Residential, temporary fences for construction projects and also do fence repair.

  • Commercial
  • Residential
    • For esthetics (decorative)
      • Wood/Cedar/Vinyl/Composite/PVC/Chain-link/Steel/Aluminum
      • Multiude of styles ranging from classic/tradtional, ornate/elegant, modern/contemporary to simplified/minimalist.
      • All of our fences are available in a variety of colors
      • Gates: slide or swing/cantilever
      • Novis Technology: No visible screws
    • For Security
      • Security gates with entrance codes and online computer tracking
      • Perfect for around swimming pools-Indoor/Outdoor (Having security fences of 6' high lowers insurance premiums for homeowners/businesses with pools)
      • Yard fences keep pets and children safe
      • Chain-link fences with barbed wire are ideal for optimal security to keep intruders out
      • Fences help make property lines clear